Semele is a wine distilling company based on the usage of extraordinary grapes, unique to Greece. This package design was inspired by Dionysus and his life cycle. Dionysus, God of Wine, was strong and vigorous during the harvest season, however weakened and deteriorated along with the rest of the earth during winter time. This concept was a symbol towards viticulture, where grapes die and go dormant during the winter season in order to bare fruit during the spring and summer months. 
What made Dionysus an exceptional God was the fact that he is a Demi-God, as his mother, Semele, was mortal (hence the brand name). He is also known as the God to cross the boundary between life and death, as well as the known and the unknown. The goal was to embody this within the design; therefore, I combined realistic elements in an extraordinary and unearthly type of way to portray a surreal aesthetic. 
The font, Tan Pearl, was utilized for the brand name, Semele, as the curved fluid elements resemble grape vines, tying back to the concept of viticulture. 

Moodboard: Integration of realistic elements combined with illustrations to create a surreal aesthetic. 

Front Label

Back Label

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