BLOOM is a customizable jean company with a core focus on promoting body positivity. The brand's mission is to foster the belief that beauty exists in every individual, regardless of their body type. By offering custom-fit jeans, BLOOM aims to encourage a mindset that celebrates and embraces the unique beauty of every person. With this project, let’s all bloom into the confident, beautiful flower that we already are! 
The brand's identity incorporates jean patterns/textures and floral illustrations, emphasizing its specialization in selling jeans while spreading the empowering message of blooming into a more confident version of yourself. The logo embodies the message of embracing personal style and fit, featuring a flower as the logomark, symbolizing personal growth. The flower's center is represented by a button, highlighting the customizability of the jeans, while the petals are illustrated with dashed lines resembling denim-like texture. 
For the logotype 'BLOOM,' a serif font called Courier is chosen to evoke jean stitching through the blocky serifs that add emphasis. The rounded edges of the serifs bring a softer and more approachable touch to the overall design.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Flip through and see the full BLOOM branding process and how its visual identity came to life!


Price Hang Tag (Front and Back View)

Leather Patch

Pant Tag and Button

Business Cards

Store Front

Billboard Ad

Landing Page

Gift Card

Promotional/Discount Pop-Up

Gift Box Packaging

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