BLOOM is a customizable jean company that promotes body positivity. The brands mission is to encourage the mindset that everyone is beautiful, no matter what body type they have. With this project, let’s all bloom into the confident, beautiful flower that we already are! 
The brands identity consists of a jean patterns/textures, along with floral illustrations to emphasize what the brand specializes in selling (jeans), while spreading the message of blooming into a more confident version of yourself.
The message of embracing who you are through your personal style and fit is portrayed within the logo. The logomark consists of a flower, which embodies personal growth. The center of the flower is a button to emphasize customizability, while the petals are illustrated with a denim-like texture, shown through the dashed lines. Courier is a serif font used for the logotype, BLOOM, because the blocky serifs emphasize jean stitching. Although, the serifs are not settle, the rounded edges provides a softer, more approachable feel.

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