I created a diverse range of marketing assets for Bedrosians Tile & Stone, a company that specializes in tiles, natural stone, and related products for homes and businesses. One standout project that showcases my skills is the launch of the Celine collection, as I was intimately involved in the entire production process, from its initial stages all the way to its completion. 
To begin, I meticulously scanned each tile, ensuring the highest level of detail and accuracy. I then designed product scan boards that captured the essence of the tiles within the collection. Additionally, I executed touch-ups and color correction edits on the product scan boards in order to accurately portray each tiles distinct appearance and hue in person.
Once the product scans/visuals were perfected, I transitioned into developing an array of captivating marketing materials. These included a tearsheet, feature boards, peg cards, showroom TV ads, flyers, social media advertisements, and much more. Each element was carefully designed to engage and inspire the target audience by applying the brands identity, while effectively showcasing the unique qualities of the Celine collection.

Tearsheet (Front and Back View)

Peg Cards (Front and Back View)

Feature Boards (Tile Sample Boards) – Left to Right: Front Page 1 of 2  |  Front Page 2 of 2  |  Back Page

Informative Booklet

Showroom TV Advertisements

Pinterest Ad

Instagram Story, Sponsored Ad

Instagram Post, Sponsored Ad

Spring Savings Event Flyer

Email Blast

Swipe left and right to see the before/after results of the touch-ups and color correction edits!

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